Official wiki for discussion of the now inhumed Black Crown project.

Beware! There will be abundant spoilers in our discussion and documentation of all characters, places, fauna, flora, diseases, and miscellaneae.

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What is this?Edit

If you are not a current employee of the Widsith Insitute, you have our condolences. We ask that you leave immediately, disregarding anything written here as a particularly loathsome patent of your stomach, vow never to hallucinate again, and then drink only water and eat grass for the rest of your life, to be sure of it.

If, however, you wish to join us, enjoying unique promotional opportunities and a pastoral working environment whilst ensuring the ongoing preservation of some of mankind's greatest treasures, please [apply here].

Though we are hopeful that the Black Crown Project will return in some form, note that it is unavailable at this time.


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